Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 

The first meeting of the Governor's 2009 Pre-Emergency Task Force was held July 8th, 2009 To Begin Work On How To Best Assist Maine Residents This Season

Last Year's Report


Governor's Pre-Emergency Task Force


The Coalition took part in the Governor's Pre-Emergency Task Force Meetings this past summer.  the final report from the task force was submitted to the Governor on July 21st, 2008. It was prepared by the Governor's office of Energy Independence and Security.

The Report Final Includes:

I.  Executive Summary

II. Maine's Successful Enery Polices and Programs

III. Seven Short-term, High Priority Action Reccomendations

1. Provide one stop shopping foe all maine energy resouces

2. Expand weatherization of Maine Residences

3. Increase energy audits of homes and businesses for all Maine people

4. Provide satewide education and training for what people can do now to prepare for the upcoming winter

5.  Expand energy efficency financing tools for hospitals, schoolss, nursing homes, municipalities, social service agencies and businesses

6. Increase transporation options and reduce fuel consumption

7. Keep people warm and secure in their homes this winter and beyond

Appendix I :  Energy Efficency Financing Tools for Hospitals, Schools, Nursing homes, Municipalities, Social Service Agencies and Businesses

Appendix II  : Energy Financial Assistance Programs In Maine

Low Income, Residental, Diesel Trucks, Business, Schools, Municipalities and Non-Profits 

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