Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 

  This photo is one of many on the Maine gov. website photo contest.

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     How can these officials represent YOU if YOU do not tell them YOUR position on the issues?

Governor John Elias Baldacci         1 State House Station  Augusta, Maine 04333        207-287-3531  Email:  Governor@Maine.Gov

Maine's Congressional Delegation :

Congressman Thomas Allen    State Director;   207-774-5019                         

Congressman Michael Michaud    District Office : 207-942-6935

U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe   !-800-432-1599 

U.S. Senator Susan Collins   District Office 207-945-0417

Maine's Senators  All Senators can be contacted by calling AUGUSTA 207-287-1540 or 1-800-423-6900

Senate Leadership President : Beth Edmonds  Email :

Senate Website :      To find YOUR area Senator

Maine's Representatives  2 State House Station  Augusta , Maine 04333  1-800-423-2900

House Website : To find YOUR area Represenative

House Leadership ; Speaker of the House  Glenn Cummings  207-287-1300   Fax: 207-287-1308



U.S. President George W. Bush  

The White House  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW  Washington DC  20500       Call : 202-456-1111    Fax : 202-456-2461

U.S. Senators  & U.S. House Representatives  

( U.S. Senator or U.S. Rep. Name ) The Capitol   Washington, D.C.  20501 


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Please remember that we are living in terrorist times.

When writing, calling, faxing or emailing try to be brief, to the point and respectful.

Include your name, business name ( if any ) , phone number and email address for a proper response.