Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 

U.S. Senator Collins & Snowe Introduce Bill To Help Maine Truck Drivers Burdened With High Diesel Prices.

U.S. Senator Collins announces the Commercial Truck Fuel Savings Demonstration Act of 2008

at Maine Motor Transport in Augusta, Monday, May 27th, 2008 @ 1:00 p.m.

This legislation would create a two year pilot program that would permit trucks carrying up to 100,000 lbs. to travel on the federal interstate system whenever diesel prices are at or above $3.50 a gallon.

It also would require the Government Accountability Office to complete a report about safety and other concerns at the completion of the pilot program.


This chart deomstratess how far $500. would take you in May of 2007 , all the way to New Mexico.

Today in May of 2008 you could only get to Pennsylvania on $500.00 of fuel.


As U.S. Senator Collins speaks another chart to her right, demonstates that fuel in May of 2007 was $2.88 a gallon.

In May of 2008 a gallon of diesel fuel was $4.85 a gallon , a $1.97 increase in one year.

Kurt Babineau, Brian Bouchard of H.O.Bouchard and Dale Hanington listen intently after previously giving speeches on how significantly this legislation would be to both the transportation industry and the consumers.

Spokeswoman for Olympia Snowe is looking on also.

U.S. Senator Snowe stated that she would like to commend Senator Collins for this sorely needed legislation that will not only assist our nation's challenged truck operators but also recognizes the seriousness of skyrocketing diesel fuel prices.



Coalition Members were joined by Rep. Jeffery Gifford of Lincoln at the press conference.


Coalition Co-Founder Albert Raymond addresses U.S. Senator Collins about the new legislation while Rep. Gifford and core group member, Larry Sidelinger listen awaiting their turn.


Coalition member, Jim Bacon of Bacon Transport speaks with U.S. Seantor Collins as wife Sherry listens.