Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 

The Coalition to Lower Fuel Prices in Maine is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that was formed due in large to the desire of an independent truck owner/operator, Albert Raymond . 

Albert heard day after day how hard just trying to make a living was getting for his fellow Mainers. He saw the sky rocketing fuel prices day after day as he drove his truck to and from work sites to Maine mills.  He read article after article and listened to the news each night.   He knew Maine was headed down a very struggled filled highway.

Upon arriving home , one Friday afternoon, Albert enlisted the help of his wife Belinda in starting a " call to action " through a telephone chain directed at the Governor's office in Augusta.  For every call he made, he asked that person to call others and they did!  In four and one-half hours the Governor's office had stopped taking calls and was referring them to Maine's Federal Delegation Offices .

In these telephone conversation's Albert asked questions such as , " How's business going?, How long can you survive with these fuel prices ?, Are you willing to park your truck if need be ?, What do you think about a rally on the Statehouse in Augusta ?  and Would you attend a meeting if I got one together ? "  With a large amount of the answers to his questions pointing out that the opinion was " enough is enough ", Albert started seeking small businesses and others to join him in the next step, to organize an area meeting.

In his quest he teamed up with the Professional Logging Contractor's of Maine's Director, Sandy Brawders, Brian Souers of Treeline Inc., the Knights of Columbus Members and other small businesses. The Coalition to Lower Fuel Prices In Maine was formed, with it's first meeting advertised for Lincoln, Maine.


       Words shared along the highway, all in a day's work.

Photos taken by Gabor Degre of the Bangor Daily News Staff.

Photo to the Right, One of the Cover Photos of " Bangor Daily New's 2007 Pictures of the Year."

This is how the Coalition began, with a single person's voice. 

Never let anyone tell you that your voice does not matter. 

Know that your voice can make a difference.

To quote a friend, " A flood begins with a single drop of water . "


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