Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 

    Bills & Resolves

All bills must go through several steps : legislative sponsorship,legislative council, drafting and signing by sponsors, referenced to a committee, designation of the type form of the bill, the committee process,and enactment ( to be enacted a bill must pass through at least four steps on the floor of both the Senate and the House: first reading,second reading,engrossment and enactment. )

The Coalition's first bill L.D. 2155 , An Act To Assist Maine's Forest Products Industry being signed by Governor John E. Baldacci.

Picture Sent To Coalition Co-Founder Courtesy, Senator Elizabeth Schneider.

Who worked hard along with Rep. Doug Thomas to assist in this resolve's legislative process .

The Coalition worked hard it's first year to help form and see several bills go forth at the 123rd legislature : LD2222, LD2225, LD2228, LD2209. A large percentage were passed.


12/09  Currently, the Coalition is working on bills  and committee reccomendations to Maine's Legislature with several committees as well as Governor Baldacci.

We look forward to the Governor's promises.