Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 

7/08 The Coalition has met with Governor Baldaaci three times in the last month and a half to go over stratedgies with which Governor Baldacci using his chairman status might ask the help of his fellow New England Governors. The last two meetings being at the Governor's request.  Topics discussed related directly to how to help all Maine people move forward through the current fuel war.  Fall legislation was also being discussed as the Governor agreed with the Coalition that we need to be pressing hard and with strong leadership to save Maine and Maine businesses. PRESSURE ON CONGRESS TO MOVE FUEL RELATED BILLS TO HELP MAINE PEOPLE,  FULL FUNDING of LHEAP, OPENING MAINE"S INTERSTATES, WEIGHTS & MEASURES SPOT CHECKING GAS STATIONS, ENERGY IMPROVEMENTS LOANS, 30 DAY LOAN TURN AROUND TIMES, INDEPENDENT TRUCK BUSINESSMEN"S VOICES IN LEGISLATIVE PROCESSES, THE NATIONAL GOVERNORS CONFERENCE were just a few of the items discussed while working out an agreement between the Governor and the Coalition.

Governor Baldacci Meets With Coalition Core Group At Their Request

Governor John Ellias Baldacci met with the Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices in Maine's Core Members at their request on Tuesday, May 28th, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. 

The Coalition requested he be s strong leader in the fuel crisis and enlist all of New England's Northeast Governors to join him in sending a clear message to President Bush that Maine and all New England states need immediate relief from this fuel war as well as long term solutions in the energy field.

Governor Baldacci was very receptive and invited the Coalition to have a few members set in on the Pre Emergency Energy Task force Meetings .  Core Group Member ; Larry Sidelinger and Co-Founder; Belinda Raymond accepted his offer and will fill those seats.

The Governor also invited the Coalition to meet again with him in early June to continue sharing stratedgies for the upcoming Northeast Governor's Conference.  He urges everyone to share their own information with him or his staff in an effort to help lead him in all areas needing assistance.  You may do so by calling 1-207-287-3531 or emailing

Governor Baldacci chairs the Northeast Governors.

Other Northeast Governors are : Gov. Deval Patrick; Vice Chair  -Massachusetts , Gov.John Lynch - New Hampshire, Gov. Don carcieri - Rhode Island  , Gov. Jon Corzine - New Jersey, Gov. M. Jodi Reil - Conneticut , Gov. David Peterson - New York and Gov. Jim Douglas - Vermont



Director of Energy Independence & Security; John Kerry listens intently as Governor Baldacci addresses energy issues with the Coalition.


Coalition Members study informational sheets prior to their meeting with Governor Baldacci while Senator Schnider takes a phone call. ( Belibda Raymond is absent from the photo as she took it ).


More photos & information to come...