Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 


ALL the MAINE TRUCKS , MAINE CITIZENS and MAINE LEGISLATORS making the trip to Washington, DC for last Monday's rally wish to express their heartfelt gratitude and thanks to ALL THE GENEROUS AND WONDERFUL MAINE PEOPLE who sponsored their efforts and held them up in prayer as well as in actions.

 A special note of thanks to Pastor Shaw of Community Evangel Chapel in Lincoln, for covering us all with God's blessings before we left. It brought us great peace knowing God was amongst us.


Gathering together with great hope and God's word being shared. 

The van transported Rep. Everett McLeod & Rep. Jeffery Gifford to DC , as well as others.

Maine's State Police " Troop K  " Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

I hope this works for you.  Good luck on your journey!
Lt. Kelly

From: Bessette, Ray A
Sent: Thu 4/24/2008 8:33 PM
Subject: Convoy escort

On behalf of Governor Baldacci and Colonel Fleming, we will have a State Trooper at the old Morrison Chevrolet garage in Lincoln @ 5:30 am on Sunday morning.  They will be assigned to escort the convoy through the State of Maine.  I will make sure the assigned Trooper has your name and cell number in case he / she were delayed by an event that required police action while they were headed to your location.

If you need to contact me with any questions, or if your plans change last minute, feel free to call my cell phone directly .

Best wishes, & good luck on your journey.

Maj. Raymond A. Bessette

Maine State Police

To the Maine State Troopers who so professionally escorted the Maine trucks and convoy safely throughout Maine " Thank you " .  It was a real pleasure working together to keep all of Maine safe. Thank you to Governor Baldacci , Colonel Fleming , Lt. Kelly and Major Bessette for arranging this procedure on behalf of us all. It was a great joint effort!

It was a totally amazing effort to have been a part , one which all of us will never forget , as well as a very beneficial one in the sense that we spent the afternoon of the rally with our Federal Delegation and others working on ways in which to help each other to address the ongoing fuel crisis.  Your contributions to this effort were presented personally to our federal delegation, letting them know that the numbers actually there were magnified many times by those there in spirit and support back " home ".

  Your money was well spent, to that there is no doubt!


To Patty Pascel of Winn, Maine : Your sign rode all the way to DC and back, it was a driving force behind the  Maine trucks and Maine Citizens spirits.  Everyone honked, waved, gave us the thumbs up due in large to it. Camera crews and photographers have splashed images of it all the way from Maine to Los Vegas ,Nevada , to Hawaii , as we have recieved calls from as far away as that.  God Bless you Patty ! No one noticed the missing " r" you were worried about, as all they saw was true MAINE heart and spirit in one of Maine's wonderful country girls.  Thanks so very, very much, Patty!


Patty's sign headed for the Capitol in Washington, DC. on Coalition Co-Founder, Albert Raymond's own truck ! ( See the actual Capitol in the picture )

 The Coalition can never express or ever even come close to how they felt about the utmost respect shown to the Maine trucks and Maine Citizens as we rolled into Harrisburg Pennsylvania.  The people escorting us, welcoming us and caring for us during our stay were absolutely miraculous. Thank you so very much!  The food was also fantastic !


Pictures from

Taken in PA , where Coalition members : Albert & Belinda Raymond and Larry Sidelinger were asked to speak, as well as Maine's Sen. Elizabeth Schneider.



The Coalition , Sen. Schneider, Rep. McLeod & Rep. Gifford meet with U.S. Senator Snowe



Snowe Meets with the Coalition to Lower Fuel Prices

Highlights the TRUCC Act and Efforts to Lower Diesel Tax Prices


WASHINGTON D.C. – As diesel prices continue to reach record-high levels, U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) today met with the Coalition to Lower Fuel Prices, a Maine-based grassroots organization, to discuss her efforts to assist local truckers overcome the effects that rising diesel are having on their industry.


“The dramatic rise in fuel costs is having a tremendous impact on one of Maine’s most prosperous industries,” said Senator Snowe, who is also a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.  “The trucking industry is the lifeblood of our country’s economy and we need to work with the trucking industry to help alleviate the burden they are being forced to bear.”


Senator Snowe, who is also a member of the Senate Finance Committee, introduced the ‘Diesel Tax Parity Act’ last week, which would lower the federal diesel tax from 24.3 cents a gallon to the same price as gasoline, 18.3 cents a gallon.  Diesel prices have reached continued to break record after record and are now approximately 70 percent higher than this time last year, and as high as $4.56 in Maine. 


Senator Snowe added, “Our trucking industry and small businesses are in a crisis and drastic steps need to be undertaken by Congress.  All of Washington has heard today that the situation for our nation’s trucking industry is simply untenable and we need immediate action to lower the price of fuel for those who are impacted by these historic costs.” 


Last week, Senator Snowe (R-Maine) partnered with Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) to introduce the Trust in Reliable Understanding of Consumer Costs (TRUCC) Act, would provide a clear line-item delineating the fuel surcharge in a contract with small business carriers, and would guarantee that the entity in the transaction – whether a shipper, broker, or driver – who absorbs the consistently rising cost of fuel at the pump will become the recipient of the fuel surcharge.


“Without the ability to recoup higher fuel costs, tens of thousands of small business truckers are finding it economically impossible to continue their business operations,” Senator Snowe said.  “The national rate of trucking businesses that have failed in the first quarter of 2008 numbers nearly 1,000.  The corresponding loss in freight hauling capacity has already caused American manufacturers, retailers and farmers to struggle to find enough trucks or affordable rates to transport their products.” 


Small business motor carriers comprise more than 90% of the trucking industry.  On average, fuel purchases amount to more than 40% of their operating expenses.  These smaller operators have little ability to raise their freight hauling rates when the price of fuel jumps, and with retail prices for diesel fuel currently average more than $4/gallon nationwide, they are facing an unprecedented economic challenge that could sorely impact the ability of America to move a growing amount of freight across our country.  According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, freight will increase by more than 70% by 2020.    



The Coalition met with U.S. Senator Susan Collins while in DC.

( She is going over her 10 point plan to address the energy crisis with the Coalition in this picture )

Protesers not in federal delegate meetings gathered in the Russell Buildings Lobby, where they were eventually met by U.S. Senator Collins after her delegate meetings with Maine trucks and the Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices.

The upper right hand picture :

Angels DiMillio of  WAGM-TV 8 in Presque Isle gathers her soaked hair as she waits for the meeting to begin.   Angela came to DC with the Coalition.  WAGM-TV , you have a winner here !

It was a pleasure to have Angela on board.

HERE WE GO !!!!!

Trucks In Protest Rally.  ( Taken In PA)



Trucks & passenger vehicles met at the on ramps pausing only for brief picture taking.


Left - Lining up more rolling rigs.      Right - Maine trucks joining in the procession.

Lining them up on the side of the highway waiting for the first line to pass by....


Fog covered much of the " miles long line " in this shot but the buses bringing up the rear had a great view.



Senator Schneider looks in Albert's side mirror to see more company on it's way!

DC Police escorted the trucks & passenger vehicles once near the Capitol.

Maine trucks headed in .... See the Capitol!

The noise level was deafening!

Senator Schneider continuously blowing the airhorns on the Kenworth belonging to Albert Raymond, the Coalition's Co-Founder, in which she rode into DC .

The Capitol as seen through a 'Big Rig's" window as it passed by , blasting the airwaves!

Rain did not deter reporters nor crowds from cheering on the Rally vehicles!

Trucks, cars, pickups ...all gathered at RFK field to gather for the 5 mile protest march to the Capitol..

"JB" Schaffner , the American Driver spoke with reporters before encouraging on all the protesters.

Truckers & Citizens Unite, A Dynamic & Professional Group !

Mark Kirsch :  or website :


No GAS .... No BASEBALL  ( A wagon full of little league players was hand pulled by protesters , while a gentleman with one leg marched along behind them )


Protest signs sported direct messages to Congress as well as President Bush .

And we marched on !  Even, Gaynel Brehaut on her crutches with her recent knee surgery !

Rep. Everett McLeod, Maine joined Coalition Members Marching in DC.

He even made up a chant for them to sing :"

" Lower Fuel Prices Is What We Need ... If America's Going To Succeed ! "

The Gentlemen In The Left Hand Corner Holds A Sign Saying :


Sen. Schneider Carried A Sign Stating , " CLOSE THE ERON LOOPHOLE! "

Other signs included : Stop The Pipeline Down Wallstreet,  What about my future?,

America Is Going broke Because of Big Oil, Set Us Free With More U.S. Oil,  When Trucks Stop

America Stops, Raise All of Maine's  Interstate Limits to A Uniform 100,000 lbs., Regulate the

Future's Trading Market - ELIMINATE SPECULATIVE OIL TRADING , College or FOOD 


Notice the road sign ?  <<<< ALL TRUCKS >>>>> !!!!!!


" We may be wet but we're smiling yet .....  DC or bust, who can we trust ? "

Senator " Sparky " Schneider & Belinda  " Rebel Rouser " Raymond

after the very wet protest march .

*** These nicknames were given to each of us .  The Coalition named Sen. Schneider and Congressman Allen jokingly named Belinda Raymond on their way through Kennebunk.

This DC RALLY trip & any success from it is due in large to :

Lincoln's Knights of Columbus-Mike Ireland        Sound FX ; Pam & Reg Ogden

Lakeview Adult Family Care Home - Tom           H.C. Haynes Inc.

Giles Trucking & Excavation                               Fred R. Brownlee

John E. Osgood Inc.                                           Willard Hanington & Son Inc.

DeLaite's Trucking Inc.                                      Thompson's Trucking Inc.

Osgood's Timber Cutting                                    Hogan Tire Company

Donald E. Pepin                                                 DC Dunn Trucking & Son Inc.

Fogg Lumbering Inc.                                         Dysart's Service

United Steel Workers 400396                              Gardner & Son Trucking Inc. - Patten

Carroll & Lindsey Nevells                                   Freightliner of Maine Inc.

Joy & Thomas Doyle                                          Gene & Diane Etchie

Sandra Phinney                                                   Pamels J. Wentworth

Robin Crawford & Son                                        S.F. Madden Inc.

A.W. Madden Inc.                                              Madden Timberlands Inc.

Randall Madden Trucking Inc.                           A.S. Madden Logging Inc.

Shari Huber Law Offices N.Y.                             Clay GMC Truck Inc.

Mt. Jefferson Ski Area                                        G.T. & s. Logging Inc.

Gerald C. Thomas Inc.                                        Danny B. Trucking LLC

John B. Porter                                                    Linkletter & Son Inc.

Floyd Wilcox                                                       T. J. Coffin

R & R Transport  Inc.                                         Treeline Inc.

Larry & Nellie Stevens                                        Cecile & Lauren Chesley

Glenda & Merle McLaughlin                              NAPA of Greenville Inc.

Irene & Al Charette                                            Bretous Store

Sue & Charlie Oliver                                         Joan & Roland Scribner

Moosehead Rubbish, Greenville                         Moosehead Motor

Manktown Trucking                                          Verso Mill Bucksport

Cole Whitney Ford                                            Stairs Welding

Winward - Sea Dogs tickets                               Car Quest

Dubay Auto Parts                                              Maine Trailer

Ware's Saw Shop                                              Aubuchon Hardware

Yankee Pride- Seafood                                       Bruce & Deborah Hamel

Estella Linscott                                                  Gary & Dianne Worster

Danny Dunn Jr.

All of the above donated either monetarily, by product or by time & effort.

And last but certainly not least each :

The Independent Owner/Operators who donated your truck and professional services plus two days pay to make this trip a reality as well. You led the way in a loud and proud yet respectable fashion for us all.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the depths of our souls.

Individuals Contributing To The Coalitions Good Works :

Frederick G. Curtis Jr.                       Gardner & Sons Trucking Inc. - Patten

Leroy & Betty Leach                          John & Majorie Seiler

Byron Oliver                                      Fred R. Brownlee

Fred & Flora Curtis