Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine  

' Proactively seeking resolves to high fuel prices and related issues. " 


2009 The Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices In Maine met with Governor Baldacci privately several times to discuss the forest products industry., at his request.

2008 -The Coalition has had two meetings at the Statehouse in Augusta, Maine.


    The first was a meeting with Governor John Elis Baldacci, at which we discussed the Coalition's short and long term goal list and statewide petition. Our first goal was to have Governor Baldacci agree that the high fuel prices were causing a " state of emergnecy "  and announce it as such.  He agreed and by that evening had announced so on public television. The Governor also agreed to several pieces of emergency legislation to be proposed to aid the forest products industry and prevent an involuntary shutdown.  The Governor stated he cares very much about Maine and it's people.  The Governor assigned his Director of Energy Independence & Security, Mr. John Kerry, to work with the Coalition and to attend our area meetings; reporting back to him.


       Left, Director, John Kerry speaking at area Coalition Meetings.


The second meeting was with Speaker of Maine's 123rd Legislature's House, Honorable Speaker, Glenn Cummings.  This meeting brought forth some positive efforts also.  The speaker agreed to move up " emergency legislation " on  the gross weight being hauled by Maine forest products trucks, LD 2155, being voted on in the Senate, Tuesday, Jan. 21st, 2008.  Speaker Cummings also called for an actual number from Mr. John Kerry reflecting how many Maine registered forest products trucks there were hauling to and from Maine mills.  This number could be used in possible future legislation.


                                Also attending this meeting were Rep. Joshua Tardy, Rep. Bob Crosthwaite, Rep. Doug Thomas and Rep. Bernard Ayotte, and and past legislator of the House, David Trahan.


Meeting With Senior Forest Products Advisor

The Coalition met with Governor Baldacci's, Senior Forest Products Advisor, Rosaire Pelletier and Director, John Kerry at the Sea Dogs in Bangor.  The group discussed their concern over area mills and the forest products industry's transportation chain.  The Coalition members were seeking ways in which to stop the hemmoraging of the loss of independent truck owner/operators,to ensure that supplies to area mills were not interupted, keeping them viable, and to seek legislation if need be.  Mr. Pelletier and the Coalition are keeping in contact as things progress.